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Jackson County Mental Health Resources and Data

One objective on the Mental and Behavioral Health group’s work plan included establishing a mental and behavioral health resource page on the Jackson County Health Department’s website. While COVID-19 delayed much of this work plan, the health department was still able to put together a dashboard of resources and data that we hope will be useful to both the community and our partners.

The first page of the dashboard includes both local and virtual resources that can be accessed anywhere. The list of resources includes organizations in the area that provide services such as counseling, crisis intervention, inpatient and outpatient treatment, medication, and more. The list also includes wellness and self-care resources that are accessible online and free to use. Finally, the resource page lists virtual therapy options, including those specific to youth and LGTBQ communities.

The next page on the dashboard includes local and national crisis lines. There are a variety of services available to anyone experiencing a mental or behavioral crisis. The first resource listed, First Step for Help, is a local crisis line that helps those in the Kansas City region connect to resources. The other crisis lines listed are national organizations that can provide professional counseling and support services for anyone in distress. All crisis lines listed are available to anyone and are free to use.

The last three pages of the dashboard include local data on mental and behavioral health outcomes. These pages help us get a better understanding of mental and behavioral health concerns in our community.

Take some time to explore the Mental and Behavioral Health Dashboard, and bookmark or save the crisis line numbers in your phone. It’s vital to have these numbers readily available in the event of a crisis.

View Mental Health Dashboard