The ABI Program assists Missouri residents, ages 21 to 65, who are living with a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Through service coordination, the program links individuals to resources to enable each person to obtain goals of independent living, community participation, and employment. Individuals who meet financial eligibility requirements may also receive community-based rehabilitation services to help achieve identified goals. Rehabilitation services include counseling, vocational training, employment supports, and home and community-based support training.
Adult Brain Injury (ABI) Program


The participant must:

  • Be a Missouri Resident
  • Be 21-65 years old
  • Meet medical eligibility guidelines (TBI)
  • Meet financial eligibility guidelines for rehabilitation services


  • Case management
  • Evaluation and assessment of needs
  • Information/Education on cause/effects of head injury/TBI and prevention of injuries resulting from brain injury
  • Service plan of interventions to meet the individual’s needs
  • Assistance in locating/assessing services such as: medical care, housing, counseling, transportation, rehabilitation, vocational training, and annual evaluations and updates
Adult Brain Injury (ABI) Program


Brain Injury Association of America
Brain Injury Association of Missouri
Brain Injury Association of Kansas & Greater KC
Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center
Family Caregiving 101
Brain Injury Resource Center
Missouri Departmental of Health and Senior Services

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