The Jackson County Public Health is here to help our communities understand the complex conditions that drive the health of residents through timely, trusted, and comprehensive reports and data catalogs. Access to these tremendous resources, written and analyzed by our team of top public health professionals, is always free – providing valuable support and information to individuals, community leaders, and organizations working to improve health for all people.
We offer reports and data for all 16 communities, 8 School Districts, 20 zip codes, 73 census tracts, and 200 block groups across Eastern Jackson County, covering a variety of topics.
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City Report Cards

City Reports

See your community’s public health data population size, insurance, age, gender, and other metrics.


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  • Community Health Assessment

    Community Health Assessment

    See your community’s health status, including leading causes of death, behavioral risk factors, quality of life, and more.

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  • Community Health Assessment
  • Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP)

    Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP)

    See the progress being made on your community’s health improvement plan.

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  • Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP)
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