Tuberculosis (TB) is a communicable disease caused by bacteria that is spread from person to person by respiratory droplets. TB normally affects the lungs, but can also affect other areas of the body.

The general symptoms of TB disease include feelings of sickness or weakness, weight loss, fever and night sweats. The symptoms of TB disease of the lungs also include coughing (with or without blood) and chest pain. Symptoms of TB disease in other parts of the body depend on the area affected. TB usually affects the lungs. Symptoms of TB of the lungs may include cough, chest pain and coughing up blood.

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If you schedule a test, you MUST return in 48-72 hours for the reading of the results.

The Jackson County Public Health does not offer testing on Thursdays.

How is TB Spread?

How is TB Spread?

TB is spread from person to person through the air. Germs are put into the air when a person with TB of the lungs coughs, sneezes, laughs, or speaks.



  • How is TB Spread?
  • Who Can Get TB?

    Anyone can get TB, but some people are more at risk than others. Those in high-risk category include:

    • Anyone in close contact with someone with TB (family member, coworker or friend)
    • Poor and/or homeless persons
    • Foreign-born individuals from countries where TB is common
    • Nursing home residents
    • Prisoners
    • Alcoholics and drug users
    • People with medical conditions such as diabetes, certain types of cancers and HIV

  • Who Can Get TB?
  • How is TB Diagnosed?

    How is TB Diagnosed?

    If you show signs of TB, you should have a TB skin test. If the test is positive, you will be given other tests to see if you have TB infection or TB disease. The Jackson County Health Department does not provide chest x-rays, but people may qualify through a program established with Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.

  • How is TB Diagnosed?
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