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Helping Parents Get a Jump-Start on Back-to-School Immunizations

Between shopping for school supplies, adjusting to new routines, and ensuring students are caught up on immunizations, back-to-school season can be a hectic time for many families.

To make the back-to-school immunizations process easier for parents, our nurses are traveling to Eastern Jackson County schools from now until mid-May. Nurses will provide required immunizations (Tdap and MCV4) to incoming 8th and 12th-grade students during school hours, so students can conveniently receive their vaccines and parents can save a trip. 

Parents and guardians can register their students for these clinics by using the link provided by their school nurse. Registration must be completed at least 72 hours before the scheduled visit. Students must be registered in advance; walk-ins will not be accepted.

In-School Vaccination Clinic Schedule


March 18: Raytown South High School

March 18: Raytown South Middle School

April 11: Raytown Central Middle School

April 12: Raytown High School

April 13: Raytown Middle School

Grain Valley

March 25: Grain Valley South Middle

March 25: Grain Valley High School

March 25: Grain Valley North Middle

April 22: Grain Valley High School


March 31: Martin City Middle School 

April 1: Grandview High School:

April 1: Grandview Middle School

Oak Grove

April 7: Oak Grove High School

April 8: Oak Grove Middle School

Fort Osage

 April 14: Fort Osage High School

Lone Jack

– April 19: Lone Jack Middle/High School

Blue Springs

 May 17: Blue Springs South High School

– May 18: Blue Springs High School

– May 19: Moreland Ridge Middle School

– May 19: Delta Woods Middle School

– May 20: Brittany Hill Middle School

– May 20: Paul Kinder Middle School

Clinic Schedule Flyer

Missouri requires students entering 8th grade to receive their Tdap and MCV4 vaccines; students entering 12th grade are required to receive another dose of MCV4. The Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine and the HPV vaccine, which are optional but recommended, will also be available.

A separate clinic for exchange students and students needing to get caught up on other immunizations is available at the Jackson County Health Department in Independence. Parents/guardians can make an appointment here.

Stay up-to-date on back-to-school immunization clinic schedules by following us on social media (@jacksoncountyhd) or visiting